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Upscale RV Parks, Multiple Locations

​Many of our project locations will have upscale RV park facilities. Our RV park will include the typical upscale quality amenities along with more unique features like Golf simulators, swimming pools with cabanas and an outdoor concert pavilion.​

  • In 2021 the RV Industry Association saw an increase of the number of households to own an RV to 11.2 million. That is a 26% increase.

  • Thor Industries has reported over $18 Billion in order backlogs and does not expect its dealers to be fully restocked until 2023

  • A record 550,000+ units were produced in 2021, that is a record setting year. 

  • Based on recent studies, 72 million Americans are interested in taking an RV trip this year, that is almost a 20% increase from the previous year.

  • A Camper Report study came out stating the ARVC estimates more than 50,000 RV sites will be built across the Country in 2022

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