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Travel Plaza Development

At Brownstone 3 Development, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Our team is composed of experts in the commercial real estate development industry, committed to discovering prime high traffic locations for commercial developments, specifically around food, travel, leisure and entertainment. Building on our extensive connections in the industry, we create quality commercial spaces that stand out in their respective locations.
​It is no secret that Amazon is taking over many industries; but there are three main services Amazon can't provide: Fast Food, Hospitality, and Fuel. We specialize in providing that need for those people traveling both near and far.

Construction workers on work site

Who We Are

About Our Company

Brownstone 3 Development is a major retail development company in the Midwest that has been creating jobs, increasing sales, and generating taxes for local communities, counties, and state benefits. We target Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and other surrounding states. All of our multi-acre sites are located on prime real estate and feature a combination of the following: C-Store/Travel Plaza, Hotel(s), Restaurant(s), Retail, RV Park, and other amenities that fit the need of the development location.

With over 40 years of experience in the Development Industry, our team has built lasting relationships with some of the biggest retailers, making us a trusted name in commercial real estate development. We are known for our ability to bring major retail tenants to each site that we work on, making each project a success.

What We Do

  1. Find Locations off High Traffic Interstates or Highways with great access

  2. Complete studies to find a demand for the area

  3. Communicate with Tenants to obtain interest level

  4. Purchase the Land with additional options if available

  5. Acquire Contracts from Tenants

  6. Proceed with Entitlement process through the City and have verbal approval

  7. Sell Land as it sits with Entitlements and Contracts in motion

  8. Provide Engineering Services and Excavating Services if needed


Years of Experience


$200 Million

Current Projects in Process

Current Development Costs:

John E. Brown

John E. Brown

CEO, Brownstone 3 Development LLC

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