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Dodge City,

Dodge City, Kansas

At Brownstone 3 Development, we believe in the power of location. We are thrilled to have chosen Dodge City, Kansas as the site for our newest project. Our team has acquired 40 acres on the south side of town for the development of a Travel Plaza along with industrial warehousing. The West side of town is about to get a major upgrade thanks to our expansion project located near Walmart. We are currently in negotiations to purchase an additional 45 acres of land to develop the area into a premier destination for shopping, dining, and living with plans to develop multi-family homes. Our goal is to create a thriving hub that will benefit the community and local economy.

Our commercial real estate development in this area is a wonderful opportunity for any business looking for new and unique placements with high traffic.

Dodge City has proven to be a thriving location with an incredible array of attractions and untapped potential.

One of the best places to visit in Dodge City for some luxurious vacation time is the Boot Hill Casino and Resort. Voted the top casino in Kansas. Entertainment is the number one priority here boasting around 700 slots, roulette tables, an interactive arcade and plenty of dining choices. Attached to the casino is the United Wireless Arena is a 17,000+ square foot facility that hosts sporting events, concerts, family shows, trade shows, motorsports, and lots more. Having a seating capacity of more than 3,000, this arena hosts some of the biggest shows and events in the area. Visiting this arena between November and December every year, you will have the opportunity to participate in the open ice skating held here.

Dodge City is home to the National Beef Factory, which processes more than 12,000 cattle every day and employs over 6,000 people. Over 1.2 million head of cattle can be seen from a 40-50 mile radius.


Hilman Cheese is building a $680 million dollar cheese factory. This 450 thousand square foot facility will produce an average of one million pounds of cheese per day which will be shipped all over the world.




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