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The project at 

Clare Crossing

Clare Crossing is the result of two family-owned development companies coming together to create something truly special. Our team of experienced professionals have unparalleled knowledge of the commercial real estate development industry, and we are proud to bring our expertise to our Clare Crossing development. We leverage our combined experience and knowledge to create innovative, high-quality commercial development projects.  

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have taken a comprehensive approach to the Clare Crossing project. Our process has involved completing studies to find a demand in the area, communication with tenants to obtain interest level, purchase of the land, and acquisition of contracts from tenants. We also proceed with the entitlement process through the city and seek verbal approval. The “in-house” structure we incorporate brings significant value to our high-net-worth investors as they can trust that we will see the targeted opportunity through to completion.

We understand that the development of a commercial property is more than just a business transaction; it’s an investment in the future of a community. That’s why we strive to always work in the best interests of our clients and the community

Northeast view

Northeast View

southwest view

Southwest View

northwest view

Northwest View

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